Budget 2017 – Likely to be a crowd pleaser


The details of Budget 2017 were announced earlier today and it was the most generous we have seen in years. National looks to have struck the right balance between spending more where it is necessary, yet remaining fiscally responsible.

In this video, Investment Adviser Bridget Cummins sets the scene by taking a quick look at how our economy is currently faring before going on to detail what was announced in this year’s Budget. Finally, Bridget reflects on how the New Zealand dollar and sharemarket have reacted to the Budget.

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Bridget Cummins is an Investment Adviser at Craigs Investment Partners. Bridget’s disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge under her profile on craigsip.com. This is general information only. For personalised investment advice please contact a Craigs Investment Partners Investment Adviser or phone 0800 272 44.

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