Craigs Investor Day

Craigs Investor Day 2017 Interviews


At the recent Craigs Investor Day we were fortunate to interview managers from a number of prominent New Zealand and Australian companies including Contact Energy, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Wilsons (Australia). These videos can be viewed below.

Interview with Dennis Barnes – CEO, Contact Energy

In the video below we interview Dennis Barnes, CEO, Contact Energy, and ask him:

  • 2017 is an election year. Do you see any risks to the sector at this point?
  • The electricity sector has faced a tough demand outlook for some time now. How do you plan to grow earnings and dividends ahead of your competitors in this environment?
  • What implications do you see for the electricity sector from emerging technologies like battery storage, solar panels, and electric vehicles?

Interview with Lewis Gradon – CEO, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

In this video we interview Lewis Gradon, CEO, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and ask him:

  • What impact do you see from the recent election of Donald Trump in the United States in the markets in which you operate?
  • An important growth area for the company is nasal high flow therapy, specifically your Optiflow product. Are you pleased with recent progress in this area
  • How do you see the sleep apnea market evolving over time, and what opportunities do you see ahead in that market?

Interview with Dean Bracewell – Managing Director, Freightways

In the video below we interview Dean Bracewell, Manging Director, Freightways, and ask him:

  • The recent earthquake in Kaikoura caused severe disruption to main transport routes. How did you manage the impact of this?
  • Freightways is a business that does well when the economy is doing well. What is your outlook for the economy and how do you see yourself positioned should conditions change?
  • Freightways has made a number of acquisitions in information management in recent years. What is appealing to you about this sector?

Interview with Angela Buglass – CEO, Trilogy

In this video we interview Angela Buglass, CEO, Trilogy, and ask her:

  • What do you think is the key factor that differentiates your products from others in the market?
  • The Chinese Government has recently enacted reforms that affect the sales channel into China. How have these impacted your business and what steps have you taken to mitigate the impact?
  • What are the main opportunities you see ahead for your business, and the main challenges?

Interview with John Lockton – Senior Investment Strategist, Wilsons

In this video we interview John Lockton, Senior Investment Strategist, Wilsons, and ask him:

  • Banks and resources are sizeable constituents of the Australian market. What is your outlook for these sectors?
  • Australia has been a difficult investing environment over the last few years. How do advise your clients manage those ups and downs?
  • What are some of the stocks or sectors that you have a positive view on at present?

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