New Zealand Superannuation – getting set for 67


In partnership with Unfiltered, Craigs Investment Partners brings you the latest video in our Investing Know-How series. Fronted by Investment Adviser Jon Murie, this video takes a look at National’s proposed plans to lift the age of entitlement for New Zealand Super from 65 to 67 and answers these three key questions:

  • What are the proposed changes and how will you be impacted?
  • How much extra do you need to save each week to cover the shortfall and still retire at 65?
  • How can you ensure you enjoy a retirement lifestyle similar to your current lifestyle?

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Jon Murie is an Investment Adviser at Craigs Investment Partners. His disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge under his profile on This is general information only. For personalised investment advice please contact a Craigs Investment Partners Investment Adviser or phone 0800 272 44.

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